Friday, March 27, 2009

Efficient Mobile Agents Based Load Balancing on Distributed Web Servers Abstract

Distributed web Servers on the immensely expanding Internet requires high scalability and availability to provide efficient services to millions of clients on the web to provide rapid responses to enormous number of clients requests load balancing is a important technique to evenly distribute the request to the web servers.

So we propose a framework called MALD (Mobile Agent based Load balancing) that uses mobile agent technology to implement scalable load balancing on the distributed web servers
Various load balancing policies can be incorporated with versatile mobile agents in the framework..

Compared with the traditional message passing based load balancing method, the mobile agent based approaches have the merits of high flexibility, low network traffic and high asynchrony. The performance evaluation demonstrates that the MALD frame work provides a foundation to develop efficient load balancing schemes on wide range of web servers systems

Project Members : Abdul Muthalib & Taher Bharmal
Project Guide : Ms. Swatika

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