Thursday, July 1, 2010

play it online...

One of my friends was searching for playing online games. As he does every time, this time also he asked my suggestion since I used to be with the internet most of my time. He was asking me for an online portal where he can play games like online Casino and so on. I searched the internet as usual and found a web site portal which offers all sorts of online casinos in the world. The online gaming portal also comes with multi language supports like French, Spanish and so on. I suggested him this web site and he thanked me for introducing a wonderful portal to him. You too can check the site if you have thirst to play online games.

Whehh Creepy Crawlers(i didn't mean CR)

House flies have a lifespan of two weeks.
The most dangerous animal in the world is the common housefly. Because of their habits of visiting animal waste, they transmit more diseases than any other animal.

Flea's can jump 130 times higher than their own height. In human terms this is equal to a 6ft. person jumping 780 ft. into the air.

The ears of a cricket are located on the front legs, just below the knee.
The temperature can be determined by counting the number of cricket chirps in fourteen seconds and adding 40.

Ants cannot chew their food, they move their jaws sideways, like scissors, to extract the juices from the food.
Ants do not sleep.

A cockroach can live for several weeks without its head.


100 years ago: The first virus was found in both plants and animals.

90 years ago: The Grand Canyon became a national monument & Cellophane is invented.

80 years ago: The food mixer and the domestic refrigerator were invented.

70 years ago: The teletype and PVC (polyvinyl-chloride) were invented.

60 years ago: Otto Hahn discovered nuclear fission by splitting uranium, Teflon was invented.

50 years ago: Velcro was invented.

40 years ago: An all-female population of lizards was discovered in Armenia.

30 years ago: The computer mouse was invented.

20 years ago: First test-tube baby born in England, Pluto’s moon, Charon, discovered.

10 years ago: First patent for a genetically-engineered mouse was issued to Harvard Medical School.

optimum optics

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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My dream girl...

I think it was my fifth grade. I fell in love with a girl. It was pure, immaculate and eternal love. Her name was saranya. She looked awesome and hey voice was dynamic. It was like a... what to say... I can still hear the sound in my ears. She is an average student and I am a below average student. There were few boys in my class and my school who were mad behind her. I did not want to take part in the competition so I did not proclaim my eternal love to any one. I had lot of dreams like we live together in a bungalow (I did not think about how that bungalow, our food came, since I was a kid). I used to have lot of other dreams also. When our summer vacation came, we had a leave for one and half month.

I was missing her so much in that forty five days. When school reopened, I was very happy and I got ready to school. After all, I am going to see my girl that day. I, some how got promoted to sixth grade. So I wore new uniforms and went to school. I was waiting for her to come to class. She came to class. I was little bit confused to see her. Because, she was not the same saranya whom we were saw in our fifth grade. She went for some sports coaching it seems and so she grew up a lot. A lot in the sense, she was taller than me. Not to love a girl who is taller than me is one of my principles of my life. So, I dropped my love then and there. At times, my first girl, shorter saranya visits my dreams. We still live together, but not in a bungalow.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Ego and feelings go together. It is the ego which feels. Our attitude towards the world is often influenced by our feelings.

A recluse once came to a certain kingdom. Thousands of people began to visit to him. The king heard of all this and was eager to see the recluse. He paid a visit to him and invited him to his palace. The recluse agreed and put up with the king. But his stay in the place became so long that the king began to wonder as to what to do with him. The recluse did not show any inclination to leave.

One day the king invited him for a walk. They proceeded towards the jungle far away from the palace. After a long stroll, the king expressed a desire to return to the palace, but the recluse decided to retreat into the forest. The king wondered how the comforts of the palace had suddenly ceased to attract the recluse.

When questioned by the king, the recluse replied that the forest was as good for him as the palace. It was true, he said, that he had lived in the palace for quite some time, but the comforts of the palace had never captured his imagination.

On the other hand, the king's imagination had been captured by the luxuries the palace had provided and that are why he could never think of relinquishing them.

The recluse had lived in the world or his self even while he had been in the palace. That is why he did not make any distinction between the palace and the forest.

The more our attitude becomes governed by feeling. The more we become attached to the world. There are two currents flowing in man the current of feeling and that of knowledge. We should be careful not to allow the two to be mixed together.

Sadhana and self-knowledge consist in keeping consciousness pure. Sadhana consists in the purity of the soul, and consciousness in its freedom from the effects of feelings, passions, desires, greed, deceit and pride.

We should keep two things in mind when we engage ourselves in sadhana. The first is the necessity to keep our knowledge and consciousness pure and unalloyed with feelings. Such knowledge is joy.

The second is that consciousness should not be eclipsed by passions. Once passions begin to cast their shadow on consciousness, it loses its pristine purity. The ego gets the upper hand in such a situation.

We ought to make a distinction between consciousness that is pure and consciousness which is overcast with passions. Spiritual achievements are the products of this effort and exertion to keep the self pure.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Acting Resources

Bill gates once quoted "the secret of success lies in the right contacts in the right time". It is very true. If you want to attain success, then people should aware that "you" exist. To put up in simpler words, after the internet technology came in to existence, a worldwide network got created and because of this, huge changes and advancements happened in the world. Likewise, if you want to become an actor or you want to become any fruitful part of the entertainment industry, then you should have contacts with acting network. Without this, it will be very hard for you to get recognition. You can have a look at the Dana Bashor actress web site and can get loads of information on this. It is a club for the entertainers and it helps all kinds of entertainers like writer, actor, actress or comedian or so on to get in to the field of entertainment and get success. If you think that you have talent and your talent deserves appreciation and recognition, then do not wait any more. Check out the web site given here and follow the procedures mentioned in the web site. And yeah, do come back here and share your success story once you get it. Good luck.

Guess What This Is?

Hint: picture was taken in 1956...

Answer below...











It's a hard disk drive back in 1956... With 5 MB of storage.

In September 1956 IBM launched the 305 RAMAC, the first 'SUPER' computer with a hard disk drive (HDD). The HDD weighed over a ton and stored a 'whopping' 5 MB of data.

Do you appreciate your 8 GB memory stick a little more now?

Cuteness Over-loaded !!!

Play Online Roulette

Hi all! I am happy to see all my blog readers through this post. Let me come to the point now. The internet technology has given lot of sophistications in our daily life. The games are no exceptions from this. There are lots of web sites which give you the opportunity to play games online. The Rouletted is one of the most popular games among many people. This game will get you money along with every winning that you get in this game. If you like to play this game irrespective of where you are, then you can get it done through this online roulette web site. You can get further more information if you check out this web site. The best thing about this web site and this online gaming is that you can compete with players across the globe. You can attain victory across the world. Playing this game is very simple. Just go to the web site and look out for the instructions to play. Then you can start winning by playing the game. Do share your online gaming experience and your winning experiences here once after you checked out the web site and played games with worldwide players.

Apple iTransparent Concept Mobile Phone...Innovation....

Apple Phone - concept phone On one hand, clear conceptual phones already, so this is not just the first, but on the other, the so-called Window Phone has one impressive feature - its transparent housing varies depending on the weather! Thus, in the sunny days, the screen will be completely transparent, on a rainy day it will show virtual drops on the screen, and on a snowy day it is totally covered with frost, i.e. the translucent screen will look like as well as present a window into a variety of weather. I do not know how practical it will be, but at least, it's a very original idea! :)

Smile Please

We Smiled when we were kids......

To be beautiful when you grow up

Even the beauty faded...but still they look so happy

No matter what bad things happen to you

But Keep A Smile on your face..


Because you look beautiful when smile.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Work smart, attain success.

When it comes to business, smartness is an important quality one has to have to attain success. Hard work helps you to reach your goal. But at the same time, smartness will help you to reach it sooner. This post is for all the persons who are looking for starting a business. Instead of starting a brand new business from square one, it is better to go for "Aged Corporations". The brand name that exists for the corporation will helps your business in easier promotion. It will help your business to reach the customers and clients in a faster way.

Well, if you would like to buy a Shelf Corporation, you can approach the website which I have anchor linked in this post. You can buy any Shelf Corporations for very cheap price. You can view the list of “Cheapest Shelf Corporation” and choose the one which you think will work out really well in the market. In order to reap the success sooner, you can opt for “Shelf Corporations with Established Credit”. You can check the price list of the Aged Corporations for Sale in the mentioned web site and go for your deal. In short, in the turbo fast world, if you want to make your foot print in business, then the best way to choose is “Shelf Corporations with Credit” and winning the race.

Dangerous plant

Hi All,

Please read below. The message is true. I almost lost my daughter who put a piece of the leaf of this plant in her mouth and her tongue swelled to the point of suffocation. This is one plant but there are others with the same characteristics of coloring. Those are also poisonous and we should get rid of them. Please watch out for our children. As we all leave our children home in the hands of the helpers, we should give them a safe environment where they can play.

"This plant that we have in our homes and offices is extremely dangerous!
This plant is common in Rwanda, in many offices and in homes. It is a deadly poison, mainly for the children. It can kill a kid in less than a minute and an adult in 15 minutes. It should be uprooted from gardens and taken out of offices. If touched, one should never touch ones eyes; it can cause partial or permanent blindness. Please alert your buddies.

6 pack abs Shahrukh Khan with Khallllli...

See the red face Shahrukh ...also note that he is standing on the sofa set..
SRK looks like a kid in front of Khali from WWE (Wrestling)..

Saturday, May 22, 2010

90 days work out and staying fit…

If you are suffering from excessive weight problem, then this article is for you. If you are looking for some magic which can solve your fatness problem, then the good news is here. The magic has been arrived. It is a 90 days work out plan which will helps you to get rid of the fatness problem completely. If you are quite confused about what I am talking about, then have a look at P90X DVD which explains you all about the 90 days work out plan for reducing the fat in your body.

This work out plan had to be done with full dedication to get very good P90X results. To explain in short, during this 90 days work out, you will have to do exercises to burn the fat in your body. For example, there is a P90X pull up bar in which you can do pull up exercises and get very good improvement in your health status. If you are very serious about getting a good and balanced health, then this P90X work out plans are opt for you. In this, 90 days of work out will bring you a huge positive change in your life. You will also be relieved from all the health related worries you have.

Micro world

The word Micro means something which is very small or tinny. Especially the word “micro world” mainly talks about electronic and software industries of present world. These industries started to make innovations on producing micro products. In old age for listening music can only happen through tape recorder which is pretty big but now a new version called “Ipod” is introduce with advance function of listening music along with display and its too compact. Lots of Micro products has been introduced in present world product like Computer to Laptop, Wall clock to table clock, cordless phone to mobile phone and other tremendous innovations. A small Chip plays a very important role in functioning of a computer. The master brain of a computer is CHIP. Everybody in the world wants products to be compact. So even the developers started developing things as per the customer wants and wish.

Era of internet

We are in fast moving world and nobody wants to wait for anything. Everybody wants everything at there finger tips and here is Internet which provides fabulous services to the Internet users. Internet makes life easy and more time consuming too. At any point of time any information can be derived by using Internet. I can say that majority of population depend on Internet for there day to day activity like Internet banking, internet marketing, booking tickets etc… Irrespective of age group Internet has been used and it’s more users friendly. It can be accessible at lower rate from any corner of the world. There are numerous Internet Jobs available to facilitate people to earn. Internet consists of both Good and bad things and the choice are on us. Internet has reached all groups of people in the society and lots of innovations are happening. So I wish to conclude by saying that this is the “age of Internet”.

lose weight… leave worries…

The best asset one can earn is the good health. If a person has good health, then he can earn any asset in the world. If he or she loses good health, then no matter what you have, you cannot enjoy them. If we do not have a balanced health, then that is also called as ill health only. It is our duty to maintain a balanced health.

If you have excess weight in your body, then there are lot of chances to get heart attack and other health related issues. Excessive weight results in severe health problems. Therefore you have to be very careful and concerned about your body weight.

There are lots of ways to reduce weight and stay fit. Check out the best workout here which will helps you to lose weight. You can also measure the health and fitness condition of your body by using weight loss tools like BMI calculator and so on.

The weight loss tools give you a measurable count on the heath status of yours. The body fat calculator, which is a very popular weight loss tool, gives you the amount of fat your body contains. Through this, you can make your work out plans to either increase it or decrease it. These tools will help you to have a statistical analysis of your health status. This will gives you complete information of your body and guides you on how to proceed with the work out plans.

If you have any queries regarding weight loss tools and work our plans, feel free to check the web site I have given here in this post.

Sights you may not see in a lifetime

Sights you may not see in a lifetime

happy golfing

Hi all. It’s the vacation time again and I started looking for destinations where I can spend my vacation happily along with my most favorite beach golf. Hope every holiday lover would have started the same like me. Every time when I get holiday and weekends, I used to spend my time with golf sport. I love beach golf a lot.

Well, I was searching for good beach golf courses and came across a site called I was very happy to see the website because they offer whatever I expected for. In this web site, I am able to book by tee time and as well as my accommodation at the same time. Through this I can stay near to my favorite sport golf and I can also enjoy my vacation with my family.

You can also have a look at the web site to get more interesting information about the Myrtle Beach golf courses. In simple words, through the Myrtle Beach golf packages, both you and your family will get satisfied since you are getting accommodation along with the golf package. I have decided to spend my holiday time in the beach golf course. I hope this will be an interesting and entertaining activity for you and for your family too to enjoy the holiday. The golf packages and the accommodations are affordable and so you need not worry about the cost for the holiday trip.

Do check the website and reserve your golf courses and accommodations. Once you are back from your holiday, do share your comments, reviews and experiences you had in the golf course and in holiday.

Happy holiday, happy golfing.

Sights you may not see in a lifetime

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