Friday, March 13, 2009


Good manners play a significant role in one's life. Learning good manners should be done early in life it costs nothing only effort is needed. Good manners attract others. Good manners and courtesy have an impact. It builds one's reputation as a person grows up.

A person without good manners remains a beast and is kept at arm's length; a person who is polite and considerate becomes popular. Good manners come from parents; these could also be learnt by following good teachers and elders. Good mannered children bring credit to the family and are welcome everywhere. Children can learn a lot from good schools and good company.

Good manners need to be cultivated. How a child speaks, how it conducts itself, how it respect elders all these count. A child looks a lot better if it has good manners.

Life stories of great men tell us about geniuses, and how humble and simple they have been. A child with good conduct not only brings credit to the family but also to the school he studies in.

Words and phrases like "I am sorry", "Please", "Kindly", "Thank you", "Sir", "Madam", "I beg your pardon" should be used often. Especially, one should be on the lookout where one could help or be polite. These graciously and politely said at the right time sound so sweet. Even if something negative has to be said, do it in a way that does not hurt the other person. Even respond positively to a negative situation.

You should be tolerant of opinions of others. In discussions, keeps it going without raising your voice in anger or disgust. Learn to disagree gracefully. We should steer clear of controversial or sensitive subjects here discussions go round and round and lead to nowhere.

Be considerate to elders, ladies, and the sick and the handicapped and try to help them by offering them seats in trains and buses. But never ridicule them it will be the height of bad manners. You should not be seen in poor light that way you are the stark loser.

If you are talking, listen attentively also. And in any case do not interrupt. Be sweet of tongue and mean it. Never use foul language. Do not spit where you are sitting or standing. Do not pretend; be your real self. Throw litter and garbage only in the dustbin. Banana peels thrown on the road make good slippers. Also develop good civic sense. While waiting join the queue. That way quite a few good things you could do and win praise.

Others could be very observant. Good manners are to you what cosmetics, good clothes and jewellery are to the body these enhance your value and you become a precious human being. Swami Vivekananda said: "Help and not fight, assimilation and not dissociation, harmony and peace and not dissensions" should be key words for every person.

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