Friday, March 13, 2009

Thriller story...

It was some tallest hill of India. Most of the people who lived there are saints. Many of them are fake saints. But still they pretend as if they have some direct link with Almighty God. They were wearing the traditional saffron color dress and were reciting something in their mouths.

Few saints there had pets. The pets were nothing but tigers. The tigers behaved as if they were dogs and not tigers. The place remained calm. Hundred percent calm. Cool breeze increased the calmness into few more percent. The attributes of the environment are sun, colder atmosphere; saints, their pets, snow fall in near by mounts, and complete silence.

The silence was broken when a screaming voice reached from the top of one of the peaks there. Every one stay remained with their recitation except few tigers which turned their faces.

The screaming voice dissolved down in to the silence soon. My legs moved towards the place from where the screaming voice came. There I saw... (To be continued...)

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