Friday, May 22, 2009

google pr update

I have got news from my friend. It is going to give shock to few people and happiness to few people. Google is going to do page rank update. This is going to be done for next three days. Bloggers who mainly do blogging for the sake of earning money be careful in these three days. Even I am very scared about my blogs. Those who have weird posts should remove it to save themselves from getting chucked out of page rank. Put as many original posts as possible to save your page rank. I wish all bloggers a good luck to get page ranks and to get saved from the existing one.


As a competitor to Tata nano, the maruti company has released a car called maruti ritz. The cost of the car ranges from 3 lakh to four lakhs. The basic model comes with the price 3.25 lakhs. Around five people can go comfortably and it’s a small car similar all other small sized car. The introduction of the car was held recently in india. The manager for sales in india released the car. They are expecting around one million cars sale in india. Let us wait and watch the show.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

India and elections

The elections in India got over recently. Everybody would have seen the media about the results. It is the congress party that won the game. The exit polls and other reviews about the election were always confusing this time. No one got a clear picture about the winner till the results came. Even during the day of result counting, the results were fluctuating. Only the top leaders have got concrete results. Few top most leaders of a party got chucked out of the game since they have got very less number of votes. This is not BJP’s year. They got screwed to the core. If allowed, the entire BJP leaders may commit suicide. The results went very bad for the BJP. BJP has started the election campaigning a year ago. They have been campaigning in internet, public toilets and in many places. But the sad news is, the time doesn’t turn for them. BJP can wind up their venture and should run away from India.

SSLC results…

The SSLC (secondary school leaving certificate) exams got over a month ago. Now it’s the results time. Like the Newton’s law, “For every action, there is an equivalent re action”, the results are going to be announced tomorrow. The controller of exams told the media that the results for 10th standard (both matriculation and state board) will be announced on 23rd may 2009 at 9:00 am. I pray that the results would be a positive for all and I wish all the tenth standard students a good luck and get success in every good thing they do in their life.

Friday, May 1, 2009


A person without ambition is like a ship floating aimlessly. Such a person has no destination to reach. He gets nowhere. He achieves next to nothing in life.
Having ambition in life is very worthwhile. But just having one is not enough. Whatever the ambition, there has to be continuous effort towards achieving it. If a person has a target but does nothing, it is like day dreaming or just having a pious resolution.
There are different ambitions with different persons. The ambition varies from person to person depending on family background, upbringing, social position and economic condition. Some people have an ambition to amass wealth no matter how. That is why some parents ask for huge dowries at the time of marriage of their sons. At times, persons with such aim get into anti-social activity like smuggling, black marketing. Thus corruption spreads.
However, money is not everything in life. Man does not live by money alone. Some wish to become famous like artistes, journalists, scientists, sports persons and others. Along with getting well known they earn a lot of money too. There are others who neither want wealth nor fame but wish to serve humanity at large. Under this category come people like Swami Vivekananda, Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Teresa gave abundant care and love to the destitute.
For glamorous life, some young folk may choose to become film artistes. If a person succeeds in this profession, both wealth and fame are there. At present times, many wish to go abroad for settling down there. Here one earns a lot and has also to spend a lot. As far as I am concerned, I wish to have neither untold wealth nor fame. And working for the cine world does not appeal to me. Becoming a politician is also ruled out as it is said politics is the last refuge of a scoundrel.
I have ambition of becoming a teacher. There are justifiable reasons for my choice. First, less than 50 per cent of the country's population is illiterate. They are steeped in ignorance. They are superstitious. By becoming a teacher I will be able to do something about widespread illiteracy, ignorance and superstition.
Second, though there is not much money in the profession, it is yet a noble profession. The profession will enable me to bring into action the Gandhi’s principle of simple living and high thinking.
Third, my aim will enable me to serve the cause of education. According to Plato, education is the turning of the inner eye towards light. My being a teacher will help me in this task.
Fourth, the teaching profession calls for missionary zeal and a sense of dedication. I think I have these qualities in good measure. There is aptitude for the teaching profession. My work as a teacher will give me job satisfaction. I will get what I have aimed for in life.
Last, students of today are citizens of tomorrow. The profession will enable me to make my contribution in the building of pupils' character. As Swami Vivekananda has said they will become men. I will also instill the spirit of nationalism and patriotism in them. My ambition is character-building and I will spare no effort achieving it Dr S. Radhakrishnan is my role model.


Meditation is way of living full of love and consciousness. It is not about going to temples, praying hurriedly and yet continues living life mechanically and accidentally. Meditation means to bring spiritual awareness to each act big and small.

The quality of love and acts of meditation go hand in hand. If you meditate, says Osho, you will be simply loving; it will be just a quality of your being. And then it has a different flavour and does not create a bondage. Then you share unconditionally and your love is just the way you naturally are.

Osho tells a story. Once a mystic was traveling with his disciples. They come to a sarai. In the morning, the keeper of the sarai offered tea and snacks. While they were drinking their tea, suddenly, the keeper fell at the master's feet, ecstatic crying with joy.

The disciples were puzzled. How could he know that this person was the master? It was supposed to be a secret and the disciples were told that nobody ought to be told who the master is. They were all dressed alike.

The master was moving incognito. Who has told this sarai-keeper? The disciples looked worried. They inquired, but nobody had told; nobody had even talked to that man, the owner. The master said: "Don't feel puzzled. Ask this man himself, how he recognized me. Nobody has told him; he has recognized."

So they asked: "We cannot recognize. Even we are suspicious about whether he is truly enlightened or not, and we have lived with him for many years. Still, a suspicion somewhere goes on lurking. How have you recognized?"

The man said: "I have been serving tea and breakfast and food to thousands of people. I have been watching thousands of people, and I have never come across a man who has looked with such deep love at the teacup. I could not help but recognize. I know all sorts of people passing from here but I have never seen anybody looking at the teacup with such love, as if somebody is looking at one's beloved."

Osho explains that this man must have had a totally different quality; he must be full of love. Otherwise, who looks at a teacup with such love? A teacup is a teacup. You have to use it. It is a utility. You do not look at it with love.

In fact, you do not look at your own wife with love. She is a utility, a teacup is just to be used and kept aside. You do not look at your husband with love. The husband is a means.

Love is possible only when everything becomes the end. Then even a teacup has the quality of the beloved.
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