Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Google, apple, Isaac Newton…

Google is the synonym for surprises. Days were there when I used to wait eagerly for the home page picture Google used to put for important events. But as the days passed, I used to get bored to see the pictures since there was no significance in them. Today, being Isaac Newton’s birthday, Google has put a apple tree in its home page and when I logged in, I saw the picture with a dry look.
After a second, I was shocked and as well as surprised to see the page. “Google rocks as usual” – this was the statement that came to my mind immediately after seeing the page. I think even Google people has got bored to see the static picture in its home page during important events. This time they have come up with an animated picture which decorates its home page for Isaac Newton’s birthday.
There is a picture of a falling apple in the home page which got my attention. I was not able to guess what technology they use for this animation. It must be java script or advanced java script or something else. I thing after the day of invention of his gravity theory, today is the day, which make Isaac Newton very happy.

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