Thursday, May 21, 2009

India and elections

The elections in India got over recently. Everybody would have seen the media about the results. It is the congress party that won the game. The exit polls and other reviews about the election were always confusing this time. No one got a clear picture about the winner till the results came. Even during the day of result counting, the results were fluctuating. Only the top leaders have got concrete results. Few top most leaders of a party got chucked out of the game since they have got very less number of votes. This is not BJP’s year. They got screwed to the core. If allowed, the entire BJP leaders may commit suicide. The results went very bad for the BJP. BJP has started the election campaigning a year ago. They have been campaigning in internet, public toilets and in many places. But the sad news is, the time doesn’t turn for them. BJP can wind up their venture and should run away from India.

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