Wednesday, April 29, 2009


This block diagram explains the work flow of the project. Here the controller is having the bidirectional path with gsm modem that enables to receive and send sms to the user. Numerical keypad is used to get the input from the user and the display used to show the status to the user. RTC will be having the current time and that will fed to the controller. Finally the print out will obtained from the thermal printer.
Each station will have a destination code, user have to type the destination code in-between two hash symbols and sent it to the toll free no (system end) So that the controller verifies the destination code and checks whether the user have sufficient balance, if so then it generates random no then sends it to the user mobile no simultaneously assigns printer to hold print certain data until a second enable from the controller , as soon as the user enter the random no via key pad controller sends printer the second enable , so that the user can collect the print out(ticket).

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