Wednesday, April 8, 2009

anna university project report format

->Intro to the project. No sub headings jus pages of introduction to ur project.shud also include a paragraph of chapter organization.
->literature survey.
2.Problem Definition and Methodology
2.1 objective
2.2Existing system
2.3proposed system
2.4methadology (algo general explanation)
3.Development process and Documentation
3.1 requirement analysis and specification
3.1.1 h/w reqirement
3.1.2 s/w requirement(just mention)
3.2 design (general,dfd,class diag and other diagrams relevant to ur project)
3.3 Implementation
->explain functions/code i.e where u implement and how u use the algorithm
implemented in ur project.(u hav to give sub headings relevant to ur project).
->s/w used etc explanation
->project implementation /how u use the softwares.
3.4 Testing /simulation results
4 Applications
5.Conclusions and future scope.
5.1 conclusion
5.2 scope for future work.
7. Appendices
appendix 1 – Source code(with relevant sub headings)
appendix 2-- Screen shots(with relevantsub headings)

->Cover page(attached along with the mail)
->bonafide(attached along with the maill)
->viva exam (attached along with the maill)
->Acknolegment (attached along with the maill)

The headings in bold shud be included in ur table of contents and shud be reffered accordingly in ur project book. All other formattin details shud be checked in the ug format document attached.

Naming for figures and tables.
If the figure is in chapter 1 then u shud name it as 1.1 and so on…
If u don’t hav any figure in chapter 1 and ur figure starts from chapter 3 or so then name it as 3.1 and so on .In general the figure naming shud start with chapter name followed by figure number.

While u refer in the documentation part u shud refer using the reference[number] .and in ur reference
list them in alphabetical order.

Also check the documentation example attached of IT dept.

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