Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My dream girl...

I think it was my fifth grade. I fell in love with a girl. It was pure, immaculate and eternal love. Her name was saranya. She looked awesome and hey voice was dynamic. It was like a... what to say... I can still hear the sound in my ears. She is an average student and I am a below average student. There were few boys in my class and my school who were mad behind her. I did not want to take part in the competition so I did not proclaim my eternal love to any one. I had lot of dreams like we live together in a bungalow (I did not think about how that bungalow, our food came, since I was a kid). I used to have lot of other dreams also. When our summer vacation came, we had a leave for one and half month.

I was missing her so much in that forty five days. When school reopened, I was very happy and I got ready to school. After all, I am going to see my girl that day. I, some how got promoted to sixth grade. So I wore new uniforms and went to school. I was waiting for her to come to class. She came to class. I was little bit confused to see her. Because, she was not the same saranya whom we were saw in our fifth grade. She went for some sports coaching it seems and so she grew up a lot. A lot in the sense, she was taller than me. Not to love a girl who is taller than me is one of my principles of my life. So, I dropped my love then and there. At times, my first girl, shorter saranya visits my dreams. We still live together, but not in a bungalow.

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